Mobile Mechanic Services

  • Roadside service hours 7am-10pm
  • Emergency road side  service hours 4pm-8pm
  • Most autos / buses / truck repairs
  • Brake install and repair
  • Electrical diagnostics / repairs
  • Air conditioning maintenance / repair
  • Fleet maintenance contracts
  • Battery replacement & jump start
  • Tow service available
  • Need body,fender work at an affordable price
  • Taxi Cab Service

Why Us?

We’ll come to you on your schedule!

Convenience plus – Without a doubt, the best thing about CARTER Mobile Mechanic is that they will come to you, no matter whether you’re at home or at work. By choosing CARTER Mobile Mechanic, you won’t have to worry about dropping your car at a repair shop, taking a bus or organizing a lift home, and being stuck at your house with no way of getting around the city. CARTER Mobile Mechanics perform the service or repairs while you get on with your life. Imagine going into the office, having your car serviced and coming back out at the end of the day like nothing had happened. It won’t impact your life at all.

Friendliness – Mechanics that work at garages are well-known for being extremely hard to approach and talk to, especially for people who know very little about cars. This can make taking your vehicle in for a service or repairs an extremely daunting task, and some may even choose to avoid the ordeal altogether, leading to serious car troubles down the line.  CARTER Mobile Mechanics are trained to be super friendly and you’ll find them much easier to deal with than mechanics at the repair shop.

Transparency – One of the biggest problems with dropping your car at the repair shop and then leaving it there for a day or more is that you simply don’t know what is being done to your car. CARTER Mobile Mechanics, on the other hand, will work in your driveway or garage, and you’re free to watch everything they do. We usually quote upfront as well so you can have confidence that you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

CARTER Mobile Mechanics is just the way to go. We are Afforable not Cheap



Ph:662 688-1463
Week Days: 8am - 9pm 
Saturday: 8am – 6pm 

***Work done outside of our normal business hours is considered emergency and additional rates will apply.